School Info

School Arrival
The doors to the school building will open at 7:30AM. For safety and security purposes, scholars should not be dropped off prior to that time. All scholars who arrive prior to 8:40AM should report directly to the cafeteria where they will be supervised by staff. Breakfast is available for all scholars beginning at 7:30AM. At 8:40AM, scholars will be released to their advisories. During this time, scholars have the opportunity to visit their lockers and restrooms. Advisory officially begins at 8:55AM. Each advisory will be co-facilitated by two or more staff members. These staff members may include core subject teachers, specialists, academic coaches, paraprofessionals and special educators. One or more advisors will be in the room at all times. One advisor will be at the doorway to greet scholars, move them along, and to maintain orderly corridor flow.

Tardy/Absence Procedure & Attendance Policy
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Lunch & Recess
There are two lunches: 6th grade and 7/8th grade. Lunch is 30 minutes long including recess time. Teachers are expected to escort scholars to lunch. CSUS Cafeteria Monitors will escort scholars to class after lunch

Expectations for conduct in the cafeteria are as follows:

  • Scholars are not to cut in the serving line, save spots for others or touch food unless they intend to purchase the item.
  • Scholars are expected to eat lunch only in the Cafeteria.
  • Scholars who need to use the restroom during lunch must have a cafeteria pass from the Cafeteria Monitors. When scholars are done eating, they must dispose of their trash and unwanted food items in accordance with the school composting program.
  • Lunch and recess will be monitored by Staff, Interns and/or School Administration.

Visiting the Nurse
In the event that a scholar is not feeling well they will be permitted to visit the school nurse. Any scholar requiring daily medication must provide documentation to the Nurse. All medications must be distributed and consumed in the nurse’s office under her direct supervision.

Report Cards and Conferences
All scholars will receive two report cards and two progress reports each year. Caregivers can access copies via their Aspen accounts or request a copy from Ms. Robinson in the main office at any time. All families will be invited to Listening Conferences at the beginning of the school year. The goal is for staff to learn about scholars from their caregivers in order to provide best teaching practices. Portfolio conferences are student-led conferences. Caregivers will be invited to attend. During these conferences, scholars will share their goals as well as, the highs and lows of their assignments, projects and assessments.

School Dismissal
Scholars will be dismissed for the school day via the 2:55PM bell. CSUS scholars on the second and third floors will exit the building via stairwells 2 and 3 through 1st floor exit door 7. Scholars in Arts classes on the first floor should be escorted by teachers at 2:55PM through the main lobby exit. Dismissal will be monitored by designated staff and an administrator. If all busses have not arrived by 3:10PM because of inclement weather or another critical situation the remaining scholars will be monitored by administrators.

Early Release Days: 12:55PM dismissal

Changes in Afternoon Plans
In the event that the district makes changes in afternoon plans, families will be notified immediately via robocall. All changes will also be noted on the district website.

School Parking
Parking is available to CSUS and KLO staff only on a first come first serve in the rear of the building to the left of Fulkerson St. Parking in the lot is not available for families during the school day. Please be cognizant of street cleaning days and times.

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