Powerful Practices for Life Page

Powerful Practice #1:
I monitor and ensure my understanding.
I can tell when I do and don’t understand and I DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT when I don’t understand.

Powerful Practice #2
I think critically about where I get my information and what I do with it.
I find the right information and use it powerfully and ethically.

Powerful Practice #3:
I express my ideas clearly, effectively, and authentically.
I take into consideration the people I am talking to or writing for without losing my own voice.

Powerful Practice #4:

I look for connections between what I learn and my own life.
I find ways to take what I learn in school and use it to improve myself and my community.

Powerful Practice #5:
I actively embrace and celebrate the cultural and racial diversity of my community.
I seek to understand and respect human differences and advocate for those that are minoritized and marginalized.
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