General Information

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School Hours

8:55AM to 2:55PM

Tardy Policy
It is very important that each student arrive in his/her classroom, ready to begin school, by 8:55AM. We ask that all students be in their classrooms at 8:45AM. A student who arrives after 8:55AM should go to the office to get a late slip before going to the classroom. View the CSUS Absence and Tardy Policy >>

When a child will be absent, a parent is requested to call the school and give the date(s), and anticipated length of absence. Parents may leave a message on the answering machine after or before school hours. The School Department Policy requires that families send a note explaining the circumstances of the absence to the teacher upon their child's return to school in order for an absence to be considered an excused absence. View the CSUS Absence and Tardy Policy >>

Cambridge Street Upper School follows a six day schedule during which students take required classes and individually-identified electives. Individual schedules and homeroom assignments will be provided to students before their first day of school, and students will receive reminders of the schedule cycle to keep them on track. As they adjust to the six day cycle, homeroom will provide opportunities for reminders and announcements, as well as a familiar anchor at the start of each day.

Upper Schools follow a trimester system, which allows students to explore additional electives and provides teachers with opportunities to report on student progress three times per year. Trimesters also create additional opportunities to explore elective courses. Each trimester consists of approximately 13 weeks, including a 2-3 week “project period.”

Project periods allow time for students to continue studying topics in greater depth or to engage in interdisciplinary units designed for them by teachers at their campus. Project periods are held at the end of each trimester in order to provide opportunities for teacher collaboration between schools such as citywide performances.

Cambridge Public Schools will provide transportation to all 6th-8th grade students who must walk 1.5 miles or more to their assigned schools, and to all students through grade 8 who must cross Fresh Pond Parkway, McGrath Highway, or Alewife Brook Parkway, or who must cross the railroad tracks at Sherman Street. Students who are not eligible for transportation in the morning based on their home address may be eligible to take a school bus to an after school program. Please contact Tina Fisher in the Transportation department for more information.