Physical Education

Grade 6 Learning Objectives

  • ost1.jpgStudents will learn different tactical approaches to games and sports, and how to apply them in a competitive situation.
  • Students will learn exercises and activities from each of the five components of physical fitness.
  • Students will learn about other countries and cultures by participating in games and sports from around the world
  • Students will understand the importance of cooperation & communication in a group setting

Grade 7 Learning Objectives

  • Students will learn the five components of physical fitness and be able to differentiate between them
  • Students will learn how to provide feedback to others regarding performance of an activity
  • Students will learn how to participate in individual and dual activities that they can partake in outside of school to maintain a healthy lifestyle 

Grade 8 Learning Objectives

  • Students will learn how to evaluate their own fitness level and set fitness goals
  • Students will learn how to take a leadership role in group or team activities
  • Students will learn how to manage school with a healthy and active lifestyle 

Scope and Sequence
Each grade will follow a scope and sequence. The unit names are categories. The specific activities in each unit may vary. (ex. Creative movement could include jump rope, dance, etc.)

Grade 6 Grade 7 Grade 8
Rules/Expectations Rules/Expectations Rules/Expectations
U.M.P.A. U.M.P.A.: Cooperative Games
Team Sports Team Sports Team Sports
Creative Movement Creative Movement Creative Movement
Fitness. Healthy Heart/Fit Body Fitness. Healthy Heart/Fit Body
Net Games Individual/Dual Activities Individual/Dual Activities
Field Games Field Games: Team Sports 2
Field Games
World Games   Leisure Games